Askal (Ask a Librarian) offline temporarily


Marc writes: "The Ask a Librarian project listed under oss4lib's project is currently undergoing a major revision and is temporarily unavailable. The new version will be released shortly."

Is this still being developed?

Read subject. Many links do not work (i.e. Languages->Python), it took about four tries to actually register. Obviously using vanilla Drupal, how about maintaing it now.

Do you mean Yes.

If you have concerns about, the best way to express them is not without naming which site you mean in a comment on a two-year-old post about another site not being online. Please email the list or contact me directly.

I see that languages->python doesn't work and will look into it. I don't see any other that don't work, so please be explicit.

I don't know why it took you four tries to actually register. oss4lib is graciously hosted by a very busy provider going through staffing changes; sometimes it's less reliable than it might be if any money were actually spent on the site itself.

languages->perl doesn't work either.

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