brent simpson writes: " is a new website dedicated to fostering the adoption and successful use of free and open source solutions in education.

We have organized the site into informational categories. Our idea is to use the roles of those in the school community as a lens through which to view how free and open source software and content can serve a school. That is, instead of starting with categories such as operating systems and applications, or books and videos, we end with them. We start by asking questions such as these:

  • What does a teacher want or need as an instructional tool, and how would he view those tools?
  • What does the School Administrator or Manager need to do her job well and what issues does she want addressed?
  • And of course, how do open source tools fit the needs of the computer skills teacher, the system administrator or the technology co-ordinator (ICT)?
  • Last, but perhaps most importantly, what does the student need? How can we best serve him or her and the community?

    As everyone reading oss4lib knows the library is an integral part of any school and we will welcome discussions of library and related software.