Not sure how we've missed this until now, but OpenIsis appears to be a format-compatible free-as-in-speech toolkit for working with Isis data.

James (Java MARC Events) beta 5


Bas writes: "New in this release is a version of MarcXmlWriter that supports XSLT processing using any JAXP compliant XSLT processor (like SAXON or Xalan) and a RecordHandler interface to support complex conversion routines using MARC record objects.

Added to the site is a tutorial about writing MARC to XML conversion programs using the James API and SAX2 events.

The James API provides a sequential model to access a collection of MARC bibliographic records in tape format. The goal of James is to provide a generic Application Programming Interface (API) for records that conform to the MARC standard.

James (Java MARC Events) is written in Java and published under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. Downloads and additional information, including the tutorial and Javadoc documentation, can be found at"



polerio writes: "PhpMyLibrary is a PHP/MySQL Web based library automation application. The program consists of cataloging (for handling adding/editing/deleting/searching of materials), circulation (so the librarian can handle user related management items), and the webpac module (where the World searches the catalog of your library). The program also has an import export feature, and strictly follows the USMARC standard for adding materials.

Changes: This version is in the form of a WebPAC module. The Import MARC record function was added, which will let you add new bibliographic data to your database. There is both a Post-nuke and stand-alone version available."

First release of Zoogle

Anders writes: "Indexdata has released the first version of Zoogle. This is a Z39.50 gateway to the Google web index. It is based upon SimpleServer which can be downloaded at the same URL." Love them Google APIs.


From the official release: "Cheshire has support for storage of pre-parsed SGML/XML and also for virtual databases (a single database name can search and retrieve from multiple physical databases on the server). New documentation on the new commands and features in the docs directory." Very interesting! To download (or for more info) see the Cheshire site.


from the eprints site: "EPrints 2 is strictly internationalised with all metadata being stored as unicode and every phrase used to interact with users collected into an XML "phrase file" which may be translated. To save duplicated effort, later versions will bundle configurations for languages other than English."


from pyblio: "What's new? Improved Medline Query interface, added incremental search capability, small UI improvements, small fixes in the BibTeX and ISI format. You can get the source at the usual places."

James Beta 3


as seen on xml4lib, many improvements include an error handler interface, UNIMARC support, a default handler, and several other changes including bugfixes. Go get it at Bas Peters'James site.

PhpMyLibrary 1.0.3 Released


Stompro writes: "The Transaction, Circulation Module, and Basic MARC reader are now usable. The program can now add, edit, and delete library users. The user can also check in, check out, and renew library materials." Go get it at the forge.


Kevin writes: "There is a new release of the YAZ toolkit . YAZ is a C/C++ programmer's toolkit supporting the development of Z39.50v3 clients and servers. In the release, there is a new ZOOM function, ZOOM_connection_last_event, that returns type of last event (such as "receive data", "send data", "apdu received", etc.) and two new YAZ client commands: . (dot, which sources a script of YAZ client commands), and ! (to execute shell command)."