anon writes: "A new version of refbase, a web-based bibliographic database, has been released. The new version adds export to MODS XML/bibtex/endnote, Endnote import, RSS, and more."



anon writes: "From today's Freshmeat: iBookshelf is an interesting app: you enter an ISBN or barcode, it goes and gets the Amazon record. It will also design your bookshelf, recommending "the most efficient book order" (presumably storing similarly sized books on the same shelf) and drawing it using Gtk#."



Christian writes: "Bibliograph is an feature-rich open source on-line reference manager and collaborative bibliographic tool. It consists of a multi-user management application with a user-friendly graphical interface and extensible and configurable import and output plug-ins which accept or return bibliographic data in a variety of formatted styles or coded formats. Bibliograph is ideal for groups of researchers to build and maintain a bibliographic database, and to publish bibliographies in the internet. A demo is availabe. You can download version 0.98.1 here."

Vincennes Project Announcement


Peter writes: "The Vincennes project develops an open Citation Facility Interface, connecting typically an Editor/Word Processor (EWP) and a Reference Manager Application (RMA). Primary purpose is the easy insertion of references (�citation markers�) and creation of bibliographies (�reference lists�), but in particular in connection with the spread of XML encoded documents, it is expected that many other uses will be developed. The projects develops both an interface standard nd a reference implementation. Benefits include an
easy way to get an important feature lacking for years;
it makes free software more attractive; the ability to freely combine two major applications will attract users in particular from academia.
A Discussion Paper introducing the project has been added. Please send comments to



from fm: "WIKINDX is a multi-user, Internet-based bibliographic management system that allows users to search and share quotes, notes, and bibliographies. Bibliographies can be formatted for a variety of style guides (MHRA, Harvard, APA, etc.). The program can export to RTF and BibTeX and import BibTeX files."

Bibliography spec and tool links


John J. Lee writes: "Bruce D'Arcus and I (mostly Bruce, actually) have put up a relatively comprehensive list of interesting open standards and open-source software related to bibliographies and cataloging. Currently, the emphasis is on the needs of individuals and small groups rather than libraries, but given the growing overlap in the interests of these groups, the list is likely to expand to some extent to cover more library software."


from fm: "ParaTools is a set of Perl modules for the handling of document references. It includes two citation parsers, a document parser, OpenURL support, Web service examples, and detailed documentation. The toolkit is available as open source, and has been designed to be easily expandable. The parsing functionality in ParaTools is already in use in the ParaCite system."



Michael wrote in that "Bibdesk is a Mac OS X bibtex database GUI. Plans for its future include networked access and searching and support for other file formats." Interesting addition of RSS features, too.



From the oddbook site, it's: "a little php app to help you keep track of your obsessive reading... [which] will let you keep track of your books via a series of web forms. Authors are accessed via pulldown list so no author typos munging up your data. You can sort your booklist by month, by author, title, or rating. You can also mess with the CSS to make it look however you want." If you've enjoyed keeping up with Greg's and Jessamyn's respective reading, well, now we can enjoy keeping up with yours too.



as seen on zope-announce: "The zNote XML-based Bibliography Management Tool is now in v0.6, which makes it a proper Python-classed product. Also new is full XML import and export, and the ability to choose from multiple bibliographic styles. zNote requires ParsedXML 1.2.1b or better."

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