Will the defeat of 'Net Neutrality' hurt Open Source?


* Yes, It will hurt open source\n* No, it will help open source\n* I do not know\n* The big telecom companies will hurt themselves by not understanding the tech\n* \n

Slides from code4lib talk: Open Source in Armenia


Last week at the code4lib 2006 conference, Tigran Zargaryan of Armenia gave a terrific talk entitled "Practical Aspects of Implementing Open Source in Armenia." Tigran, the conference attendee who travelled the greatest distance to participate, has graciously agreed to let us post slides from his talk here, in ppt and sxi formats.

Thanks, Tigran!

pres.ppt68.5 KB
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Open Source Orgs Invited to Fourth Annual SoCal Linux Expo


SCALE is inviting all Open Source organizations to participate in the fourth annual So Cal Linux Expo.

Looking for an effective way to tell your product story and demonstrate its latest features to both new users as well as Linux veterans? Join other prestigious members of the Open Source community as they combine forces at the preeminent Linux exposition in the West. The fourth annual Southern California Linux Expo brings together businesses, academic institutions and the Linux community in Los Angeles on February 11-12, 2006.

KDE, MythTV, NetBSD, Debian and other organizations will be making their presence known alongside with corporate sponsors such as IBM. Meet the users and the industry influencers; get your name and your product front and center with a receptive and informed audience.

This year's SCALE will offer an expanded exhibit area to better accommodate your needs. The speaker list reads like a Who's Who of Open Source. Session topics ranging from beginner to expert draw a diverse crowd of enthusiastic attendees. Don't be conspicuous by your absence. Reserve your spot now for SCALE 4x by contacting us here:

IL symposium on open source in libraries


Peter Schlumpf wrote to oss4lib-discuss: "On 9/21/2001 the North Suburban Library System in Wheeling, Illinois is hosting a symposium on open source software in libraries. The Symposium will address the issues of open source software and what it means to libraries. It will feature presentations by developers and users of open source software for libraries, including MyLibrary, jake, and Avanti. For more information and registration, please visit the Symposium website"

Looks like another great program, not unlike the very successful event back in April at Wesleyan.

Update from the O'Reilly Open Source Convention


Jeremy writes: "So, there are at least two librarians here at O'Reilly's Open Source Convention - both myself and Eric Lease Morgan. After 1 full day of conferencing, I have to say that this is top-notch - the content is great, and O'Reilly really knows how to put on a convention (3 free drink coupons for the fajita fiesta, as an example ;-)). For those who aren't familiar with the conference, it isn't just about Open Source - there are tracks on XML, PERL, Java, MySQL, Emerging Technologies, and more. This morning's keynote was in 2 parts: First, Fred Baker from CISCO talked about the future of Open Source in the Internet. He was followed by W. Phillip Moore, from Morgan Stanley, who talked about Open Source use on Wall Street. Both talks were interesting - Fred Baker gave the spin that Open Source would only continue to be successful with the help of the corporate world. W. Phillip Moore then went and contradicted much of what Fred spoke about. Very interesting stuff.

I attended a talk on web services and the semantic web - the speaker talked about a concept which to me sounded like a re-invention of the Open URL concept. I will be trying to catch the speaker to follow up on his talk and see how his concept might relate to the OpenURL (I did get to ask him if he was familiar with the OpenURL - he wasn't).

In the afternoon, a attended a few XML-related presentations, including a good presentation on XML-Schema. I also had the chance to chat with Tim O'Reilly for about 10 minutes (he's an extremely nice guy, btw) about OSS plans for ALA annual. I think we'll get some help from Tim and O'Reilly and Associates for the planned OSS Pavilion in Atlanta."

Larry Wall at Open Source IG Program at ALA


Jeremy writes: "Larry Wall, inventer and maintainer of the PERL language, will be the keynote speaker at this year's Open Source program at ALA in San Francisco. The program takes place Sunday morning, 8:30, at the Marriot Golden Gate Section B. We have a very exciting lineup, with not only Larry, but also Eric Lease Morgan (MyLibrary@NCState), and William Scholten (Executive Director of the Waitt Family Foundation Technology Resource Center)."

NERCOMP open source workshop 4/25-26


NERCOMP, the North East Regional Computing Program, is putting on a two day workshop in Middletown, CT this April entitled "What Does Open Source Have to do with Libraries?" It is a two-day affair, the first with talks from folks working on/with Prospero, MyLibrary, Avanti, and jake. The second day is a hands-on workshop for setting up an apache/mysql/perl environment on *nix, and setting up MyLibrary and Prospero. Come join us!

Reports from O'Reilly p2p conference


I intended to go to this but couldn't. Best to do then is read up on the goings-on, starting at the p2p conference page, but don't miss the report on the keynote by Our Hero Professor Lessig, various weblogs of O'Reilly staffers, and Bill Joy announcing a new library of p2p primitives for java. Really, really sorry I missed it, sounds like a great event. [note 2000-2-21]: there's a call for participation out already for the next event, to be held in Washington, DC, September 17-20, 2001.

live from ALA Chicago!


howdy, y'all, we're live and direct from the McCormick Center exhibit hall, the O'Reilly and Associates booth (#1438), ground zero for all things open source at ALA. Jeremy, Dave, Peter, and I are chatting up everybody we can find, and the amazingly gracious O'Reilly folks are giving away copies of Running Linux and the MacOS 9 Missing Manual, so stop on by if you're here.

ALA#2: LITA's OSSIG, the Big Event


Jeremy writes to oss4lib-list:

Saturday, July 8, 2000, 2:30-5:30

Join LITA's Open Source Systems Interest Group for its program,

Practical Solutions for Libraries: Open Source Software

Learn how and why libraries are thinking outside the box and developing their own services from within, using the Open Source model. Libraries are primed not only to use Open Source to their advantage in the future, but are currently using it to enhance Reference services and Reserves services. This program will present current projects using Open Source software in libraries: OSCR (Open Source Course Reserves), Jake (Jointly Administered Knowledge Environment), and Avanti, an evolving Open Source Integrated Library System. The program will conclude with a broad view of Open Source by Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly & Associates. See what Open Source software can do for your library and why it is of importance to the profession.


  • Keynote: Tim O'Reilly, President, O'Reilly & Associates, Sebastopol, California
  • Jeremy Frumkin, Meta-data Librarian, University of Arizona
  • Daniel Chudnov, Systems Architect, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Yale University School of Medicine
  • Peter Schlumpf, Information Systems Specialist, North Suburban Library System, Wheeling, Illinois

    [Wow, the OSSIG really outdid itself, getting Tim O'Reilly to join us. This should be a fantastic event... hope to see you there. :P]

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