from freshmeat: "New manuals, many bugfixes, changes to administrator page (including the ability to check logs), autodetection of document encodings and langauges, improved handling of Cyrillic and similar languages, classifiers have new argument format, improvements to MSWordPlug and PDFPlug (available in Windows too), and revamping of Search histories. Addition of CORBA, Kea can add Keyword metadata to any document, and numerous MGPP updates. Phind works with thesauri, has new appearance parameters, can be tailored to specific languages, and works when applied several times to one collection." Wow. Find it at the Greenstone site.



Martha writes: "I'd like to annouce the very first (and very
alpha) release of thokbook, a personal library system written in perl. For more information, see the project home page. Please try it out and let me know what you think!


Eric writes: "Prospero 1.36 includes modified server side scripts. In addition to merging the and files, the program now uses session cookies to keep track of authentication. This eliminates the insecure combination of the GET method and usage of crypt() in Problems with IE not being able to view documents have been fixed. Conversion of Ariel documents that don't include the NMPG GEDI tag (ie. CISTI documents) has also been fixed."



as seen on the Koha list: "Lots of changes in this version, hence the jump to 1.1.0. The biggest changes are to do with circulation. There is now a comprehensive circulation API which makes building
circulation modules to use your chosen interface much much easier. There is also now a web based circulation section that uses this module

It's great to see this keep moving forward.


Eric writes to oss4lib-discuss: "The NCSU Libraries has made the source code to MyLibrary@NCState version 2.50 available... Of particular interest might be the description of the new features," including HTML templates, static page creation, and user choice of layouts. I'll take the dancing cows, please. :)



as seen on freshmeat: "GnomeRSVP is a 'Rapid Serial Visual Projector' similar to products like AceReader. In this dynamic representation of text, each word is flashed on the screen one at a time in succession. The reader is less inclined to "oralize" the text, rather the reader interprets whole words as meaningful written symbols. Automatic re-reading of adjacent previous text is therefore rendered impossible. This results in much higher reading speeds than are possible with standard techniques." Finally an approach which might restore the '-^H+^H=^H+^H-' to sigfiles, lacking since the good old days of the electric moose. Will try this out after the upgrade to gtk+-1.4.



Gordon writes: "Greenstone 2.30 introduces new import plugins (for source code, postscript, Refer and BibTex), updates many existing ones and tidies up the third-party GPLed packages. The admin page has new functionality, and the configuration options have been extended to enhance logging now off by default) and error notification. Development continues on windows (stability) and phrase browsing (integration). Many bugs were fixed - but many remain."


I might have missed the announce list message, but checking (esp. the download page it appears that version 1.0 is ready to go. According to the main page, "An earlier private beta release of eprints met with unanimous approval. The first complete operational release is available (for free, of course) as of December 1 2000." Of course, the Open Archives standard is about to change as of mid-January (at the public meeting in D.C.), when they will release the next version of the OAI spec. So eprints will have to change pretty soon, but it looks solid already otherwise.

Greenstone 2.27


Gordon writes: "Version 2.27 of the Greenstone digital library software is available. There are two big improvements: 'The Collector' now works in Windows 95/98 and is more stable on other platforms; and the experimental 'Phind' phrase browsing interface is now a Greenstone classifier (Unix only). Various smaller improvements include: document display modes, Z39.50 efficiencies, new metadata extraction, enhancements to the install and make scripts, and many bug fixes. Examples at; download from sourceforge."



from freshmeat: "New distribution formats (Windows binary, Linux binary, Source), Dutch interface, various bugfixes (particularly to install & uninstall scripts), updates to included packages, documentation for making your own home page, and a little bit of unstable research thrown in for good measure." more info here...

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