Ed writes: "The MARC::Record Perl library now includes MARC::Doc::Tutorial which provides common recipes for using Perl to read, update and create USMARC data. New recipes and comments welcome!"

Koha 1.2.0


Pat writes: "The Koha project has released version 1.2.0 of Koha, its library system. This release features many bugfixes and a great deal of new functionality. Due to the new installer script and changes in the file layout, this should be the easiest Koha to install or upgrade."

First release of Zoogle

Anders writes: "Indexdata has released the first version of Zoogle. This is a Z39.50 gateway to the Google web index. It is based upon SimpleServer which can be downloaded at the same URL." Love them Google APIs.



Prospero 2.0 builds upon the success of previous version has grown to become a self-contained Internet Document Delivery (IDD) system. As an IDD client, Prospero 2.0 allows libraries to use the Internet to exchange high quality ILL documents. As in all previous versions, Prospero 2.0 still allows direct to patron delivery.

Built on the same protocols and specifications on which Ariel was built, Prospero 2.0 can send and receive documents not only from other Prospero workstations, but also from Ariel. Together, Prospero and Ariel create the foundation of a developing Internet Document Delivery (IDD) network.

Prospero 2.0 also supports: basic firewall support by proxy, SMTP server authentication, and a basic scanned image editor. For a list of features, a FAQ, or to download Prospero 2.0 please visit the Prospero site.


from the eprints site: "EPrints 2 is strictly internationalised with all metadata being stored as unicode and every phrase used to interact with users collected into an XML "phrase file" which may be translated. To save duplicated effort, later versions will bundle configurations for languages other than English."


From the README: "Libproxy is a simple rewriting pass-through proxy system designed especially for libraries... If you have patrons who are off-site, and who would like access to your on-site-only (e.g., IP-restricted or passworded) journals, databases, and full-text retrieval systems, then Libproxy is your solution." Get the latest source here or check out the overview online (it's also bundled with the code).



Mark wrote to jake-list: "I've been making incremental improvements to jake2marc over the last year or so and thought it time to announce these... [summarized:] You can now choose where jake2marc gets its data, there are warnings if title URLs are unavailable, there's more control over subfields and indicators (including nonfiling characters in 245), and there's support for prefixes in 856." Note the new url, too.



from fm: "Multilanguage support has been added. Searches with MeSH terms are now possible. A new HTML format in attachments allows full functionality of BioMail with text-based mail clients. Users can receive all their searches in one letter. A Russian translation is now included."



Kristina wrote to jake-list: "The JakeFilter package is designed to convert title lists from different vendors into jake format... It was written so that it would be easy to add filters for other title lists. Instructions for doing this are on the JakeFilter project page. If you write a filter using this package, and want to share it, please let me know and I will add it to our CVS repository."



from fm, changes include: "Several bugfixes, an expanded online FAQ, and a new suspend account feature." Check it out at

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