Tony writes: "lmstoolkit is a collection of JSP pages with a PostgreSQL backend. The original version of the application is designed for use by art center libraries. "

MARC4J beta 6


Bas writes: "This is the first MARC4J release and it includes a lot of new features, including support for LC's MARC XML. Currently it's the only released tool that supports this new format. The MARC4J project is a continuation of James (Java Marc Events)." [note: the last James release was beta 5.]

James (Java MARC Events) beta 5


Bas writes: "New in this release is a version of MarcXmlWriter that supports XSLT processing using any JAXP compliant XSLT processor (like SAXON or Xalan) and a RecordHandler interface to support complex conversion routines using MARC record objects.

Added to the site is a tutorial about writing MARC to XML conversion programs using the James API and SAX2 events.

The James API provides a sequential model to access a collection of MARC bibliographic records in tape format. The goal of James is to provide a generic Application Programming Interface (API) for records that conform to the MARC standard.

James (Java MARC Events) is written in Java and published under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. Downloads and additional information, including the tutorial and Javadoc documentation, can be found at"



from GZigZag-announce: "GZigZag 0.6.2 has been released. This is an update to the 0.6 stable series. It supersedes the 0.6.1 release. We recommend that all users of GZigZag use a stable version...." Looks like lots of additions and bugfixes, and one of these days it might become obviously useful for something. In the meantime it's still fun to play with.

James Beta 3


as seen on xml4lib, many improvements include an error handler interface, UNIMARC support, a default handler, and several other changes including bugfixes. Go get it at Bas Peters'James site.

1cate release from Openly


Eric wrote to oss4lib-discuss: "I'm pleased to announce the first public release of the dynamic text core of the 1Cate Link-Server Framework. The 1Cate Dynamic Text package is a lightweight dynamic text generation system closely integrated with Java. It is designed for speed, easy generation of dynamic URL's and object oriented web design. By implementing the com.openly.dt.DynamicTag interface, programmers can easily extend the capability of Dynamic Text templates to do almost anything imaginable."



Peter writes to oss4lib-discuss: "Avanti version 0.4 has been released.� It is available at the Avanti project website along with documentation that can be perused online... Version 0.4 is a partial implementation of a library system and as such is not suitable for production use.� Rather, it is a reference version that defines the essential elements and architecture of the system, setting the stage for future development through version 1.0.� It is at the vanguard of what is expected to be a fairly rapid period of development toward a simple but functionally complete OPAC and circulation system in version 0.5.� This is tentatively expected some time around January 2002."

James beta 1


as seen on diglib: "James is a free Java package that provides an event model for MARC records through Java callbacks. James is inspired by the Simple API for XML (SAX). Using James you can write programs that involve MARC records without knowing the details of the MARC record structure... James provides a sequential model to access a collection of MARC records in tape format. The goal of James is to provide a generic application interface to records that conform to the ISO-2709 exchange format."

Four from OCLC


Peter Binkley wrote in to oss4lib-discuss about OCLC's Software page, listing four open source efforts from their Office of Research. They are ALCME, the Advanced Library Collection Management Environment, for OAI-compliant collections; Pears, a text storage and indexing system; GWEN, a database search engine with an interface to Pears, and dbutils, utilities for database programming.

Nice to see OCLC stepping up to the plate; all code is apparently available from cvs, and their license, while requiring modifiers to contribute code, appears reasonable (though ianal).

Simple Multi Target Z39.50 search portal - beta 1

Ian writes: "An initial beta release of the SimpleWebApp component of JZKit is now available for download, evaluation and feedback. JZKit is a 100% pure java (GPL'd) Z3950 tookit with no proprietary component dependencies. The SimpleWebApp application is an experiment in creating a pure java Z39.50 portal capable of searching multiple targets and displaying full or breif records with formatting defined by XSL style sheets. An online demo can be seen here and any comments would be welcome. The application is 100% pure java and is deployed as a .war file. Some minor tomcat configuration is needed to get everything working. You can read about the installation here (There are a few screen shots here too). As always, you can get all the source from Sourceforge."

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