Martha writes: "I'd like to annouce the very first (and very
alpha) release of thokbook, a personal library system written in perl. For more information, see the project home page. Please try it out and let me know what you think!



from pybliographer-list; improvements include "check [for] eventual modification of the file by an external program before overwriting; fix[ed] some problems with the bibtex parser (especially during conversions); improve[d] parsing of Ovid files (keywords, journal)." Check it out at the gnome pyblio home.


from pybliographer-list: "it should now compile with python 2.0, 1.6, 1.5.x; I fixed a bug when converting some characters (like angstr�m) to bibtex; it is now possible to define custom key generators, so that you can have emacs-like keys for example." for more see the pyblio site.

Open Reference-0.5.1


from freshmeat: "Support for "private" reference which is only viewable by its author or a limited group of users, multiple page display support, a lot of improvements on the administration interface, and cleanups to the backend code."

Home Library Information Manager-0.2.8


shinniku kara: "HLIM is a utility that allows one to track one's home library (currently supporting books, magazines, and CDs, with better magazine/journal support to come) using either barcode scanners or hand entry. Everyone's favorite feline-shaped scanner is supported, as is manual entry from the keyboard. CD title and track information is automatically looked up from the CD Index. Please note, that this is pre-alpha in quality, and only supports the PostgreSQL database, although any database with commit/rollback support should easily work. Also, documentation is currently thin." Check out their sf page for download.



from pyblio-general: modifications include "additional translations, updated italian documentation (thanks Yuri), saving of the searched words between sessions, formatting of entries now follows the display order, unless otherwise specified, display of key/types in the indexed window -- Just use the pseudo fields -Key- and -Type- in the configuration menu." These improvements by Frederic and friends can be found on



from freshmeat: "OpenReference is a Java servlet/JSP-based Web application meant to help you manage your research references and notes. It is well-suited for students and professionals. There is also a public server for those who do not have their own servlet engines. The public server can be customized so that it acts like your private one." This is great; I've been wanting to use something like this for a while and talked with others of a similar mind at Access y2k about same...



from freshmeat: "This is a small example application using the DigitalConvergence Cat: Optical Reader. The application allows you to scan the ISBN barcode of a book and retrieve its information from the Library of Congress. Optionally, this data can be stored in a local database table." Download the perl code here. Hmm, doing z39.50 by hand it seems...


from the pyblio site: "This version improves some formats (bibtex strict mode now recognizes its own files as correct ;-), and can parse \ss{}. Refer accepts %F fields thanks to Martin Wilck), and the graphical interface (saving of columns widths in the index window, scrollbar in the edition window for people having small screens, better behavior of the selection after editing). ."



from the bib2html site: new styles and commandline options.

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