just spied on fm: Bookbase is a gui front end to a mysql database of books. Records are keyed by ISBN. Could be useful for personal collections... would be nice to hook up to a cuecat reader with a z39.50 client. :) Hint: it won't build unless you have the mysql-shared libmysqlclient stuff installed.


from pyblio: "What's new? Improved Medline Query interface, added incremental search capability, small UI improvements, small fixes in the BibTeX and ISI format. You can get the source at the usual places."



from fm: "This version provides direct access to the medline database. It better interprets author names in the medline format. Accented characters are now filtered out of entry keys. It is now possible to generate bibliographies for APA publications. Selected keys can now be copy/pasted in a text editor. Miscellanous bugs have been fixed." Find it at its gnome home.

Citation Manager


Todd writes: "We've developed a new open source tool which provides some of the functionality of personal bibliographic databases like EndNote or Procite. Its working name is Citation Manager. It runs on the server side and provides a database which handles multiple sites and users. The project site is missing important things like, well, everything except a link to the source code repository and the test server... but people at Access liked it and I thought I'd let everyone else see what we're up to. I'll be working on expanding the site into something useful, but in the mean time people are welcome to play around with the test database."



from freshmeat, changes include: "Password encryption, clients can ask for passwords interactively, simplified user management, and changes to the client-server dialog protocol (old clients won't work with the new application server and vice versa). Precompiled Cygwin binaries are also available." Read more at



from the pybliographer site: "It provides a new displayer for the entries, based on GtkHTML (if it is compiled in your gnome-python), fixes problems with author initials formatting and saving of referenced entries, and improves robustness on some points (file saving,...). Oh, by the way, use recode 3.5 exclusively. Later versions are a bit broken for use with pybliographer." The list announcement also mentioned new support for ISI.



from freshmeat: "RefDB is a reference database and bibliography tool for DocBook SGML and XML documents. This is an attempt to provide most of the functionality of commercial packages like Reference Manager or EndNote in a platform-independent tool, targeting DocBook rather than word processors." This version's changes include bugfixes, build improvements, better error reporting and output.



from the gBib site: "gBib is a user-friendly editor and browser for BibTeX databases. You can use it also to insert citations inside a LyX document." Written in C++ w/STL, which makes it unique among the existing citation managers, but lots of feature overlap.



Martha writes: "Thokbook has now been ported to MySQL and DBD::CSV (flat file pseudo-database). Try it out and send me feedback! Note: The database format has changed. If you created a database under version 0.01, you will have to destroy and re-create it."



from pybliographer-general, changes for 1.0.8 include fixed search, additional translations and documentation updates, and an improved bibtex parser. Go get it at the pyblio site.

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