Hello. Your council is necessary.


Hello. Your council is necessary.

At me in a local area network, in Russia electronic library.
The library contains files in a format html.
It is sorted about 35 000 files html and the order 100 000.
Sortings wait.
Sharply there is a question of convenient cataloguing of files. I in given
The moment I am engaged in search oss to which will help me will consult
With this task.
Search on the Russian Internet in what has not resulted.
Search on becomes complicated an abundance of the information and
Level of possession of English language.

You could in this connection something advise?
Here requirements to a script:

Operational system windows or a script on not dependent language.
The programming language it is desirable PHP.
1) System of classification of books on genres.
2) System of classification of books under forms (the novel, the story, etc.)
3) System of sorting of authors alphabetically.
4) System of sorting of authors on genres.
5) System of ratings of authors, products.
6) System of statistics.
7) All data are brought in a database.
8) Files in a format html are in the user folders.
9) Search on archive (it is desirable text-through).
10) the Opportunity as well as simply to read the book, and to download
it for perusal in off-line.

Actually it is possible to write many requirements, but these are the most necessary.

What could you advise me?

P.S. Tried to find contact data of the manager of a site, but has not found. Therefore I write here.



from freshmeat: "Reed is a departure from the standard text pager designed for reading long documents, such as books or full length manuals in plain text format. Rather than expecting user input, it automatically scrolls the text at a given rate. For many people (including the author), this is a much more comfortable method than a standard pager or editor. For people for whom autoscrolling is not more comfortable, Reed provides a familiar set of normal pager commands, as well." Latest versions and download available from the reed site. I haven't tried this yet but all those folks resistant to ebook readers might dig the no-click approach...



faster, information! this is just too interesting to pass up even tho i haven't seen it yet. from freshmeat: "braincram is a text reader that crams books into your brain sideways, by flashing the words as fast as you can absorb them. It lets you decide the size and shape of the text area, control the frame rate, and has configurable "blink breaks" so you don't get strain your eyes."

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