ruby-marc is a lightweight ruby library for liberating your legacy bibliographic data.

Open Source Orgs Invited to Fourth Annual SoCal Linux Expo


SCALE is inviting all Open Source organizations to participate in the fourth annual So Cal Linux Expo.

Looking for an effective way to tell your product story and demonstrate its latest features to both new users as well as Linux veterans? Join other prestigious members of the Open Source community as they combine forces at the preeminent Linux exposition in the West. The fourth annual Southern California Linux Expo brings together businesses, academic institutions and the Linux community in Los Angeles on February 11-12, 2006.

KDE, MythTV, NetBSD, Debian and other organizations will be making their presence known alongside with corporate sponsors such as IBM. Meet the users and the industry influencers; get your name and your product front and center with a receptive and informed audience.

This year's SCALE will offer an expanded exhibit area to better accommodate your needs. The speaker list reads like a Who's Who of Open Source. Session topics ranging from beginner to expert draw a diverse crowd of enthusiastic attendees. Don't be conspicuous by your absence. Reserve your spot now for SCALE 4x by contacting us here:


The Greenstone team writes: "Greenstone v2.62 is now available for download. This is a "stable" release of the software with no major new features but many bug fixes and minor improvements. Greenstone is a comprehensive, open-source system for constructing, presenting, and maintaining information collections. Collections built automatically include effective full-text searching and metadata-based browsing facilities, and run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X and Unix systems."


Jon writes: "Another update to the Loughborough Online Reading List System (LORLS). Changes include the tagged-ref-import script omitted previously, also some fixes for tagged reference (specifically RefWorks) import and export. Fixed modcode suggestions if a user tries to create a new module with a code that already exists. now used to decode the records supplied by Z39.50 (including ones with local control numbers and no real ISBN/ISSNs or multiple ISSN/ISBNs). Displaylist now does caseless matching of stages/dept codes as we had some instances of lists "invisible" to browsing because of incorrect case for these. Added some extra indexes as suggested by Ben Charlton."



anon writes: "VTLS Inc. is pleased to announce that it is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a gift to the academic community: VALET for ETDs. Available free as open-source software, VALET is a Web submission solution for managing electronic theses and dissertations. VALET is a fitting product offering from a company that boasts a tradition of leadership in the industry."

Document Archive-0.9.4

Konrad writes: "Document Archive (docarc) is a web-based database to help you (and your workgroup) keeping track of the vast amount of electronic documents and BibTeX entries you might have in use. Browser plugins and console frontends are developed to allow fastest access with typical tools."



Jason et al. write: "The ReservesDirect project team has issued release candidate code for ReservesDirect 2.2. There is still some work to do with session authentication, bundling of Sirsi Unicorn integration scripts, and especially with more complete documentation. Experienced developers can download this release and begin testing it by hardcoding session information. More to come soon! We're also actively seeking partners to contribute to enhance the product and provide better integration with other ILS and Courseware systems."



anon writes: "Version 4.9 of the open source Loughborough Online Reading Lists System (LORLS) is now available. This version contains various small bug fixes and enhancements, and has much improved support for CSS out of the box. All the HTML generated from the CGI scripts now has CSS class tagging and a sample CSS style sheet file is supplied as part of the distribution. The installation script has also been revised to handle the CSS features. Any feedback on problems or suggestions for the future are welcome - please join the lorls mailing list if you have not already done so by sending the text "subscribe lorls" to -The LORLS Development Team (aka Jim'll and Gary :-)."



Nathan writes: "Version 1.0 of Libstats, a statistics tracking and knowledge base for libraries, has been released. We developed this software at the Engineering Library at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. The UW libraries have been running this software for a little more than a year now. You can download the software from our project page; we also have a demo database if you'd like to see it in action. Also, feel free to email me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions."



Bas writes: "I am pleased to announce the second release candidate of MARC4J 2.0. Starting from release 2.0rc1 the event based parser is replaced by an easier to use interface that uses a simple iterator over a collection of MARC records.

The MARC4J library includes:

  • An easy to use interface that can handle large record sets;
  • Readers and writers for both MARC and MARC XML;
  • A build-in pipeline model to pre- or postprocess MARC XML using any XSLT processor that supports the JAXP interface;
  • A MARC record object model (like DOM for XML) for in-memory editing of MARC records;
  • Support for data conversions from MARC-8 ANSEL, ISO5426 or ISO6937 to UCS/Unicode and back;
  • Vendor neutral XML support through JAXP and SAX2, a high performance XML interface;
  • Support for conversions between MARC and MARC XML;
  • Tight integration with the JAXP, DOM and SAX2 interfaces;
  • Easy to integrate with other XML interfaces like DOM, XOM, JDOM or DOM4J;
  • Command-line utilities for MARC and MARC XML conversions;
  • Javadoc documentation.

MARC4J is published under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
Downloads and additional information can be found at"

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