From freshmeat: "Major bugfixes: A potential data loss bug that occurred when changing the config option for image location and selecting File->Save As was fixed."

Anyone know if this can be built on OSX?

Tellico is written for the Linux OS, and runs well on Linux. I have been using the program to keep track of my personal library and I am very happy with it. There is no port for Windows or Mac. The program is written in C++ with the the Qt-Developer IDE using QT Open Source Libraries for the KDE X-Windowing Environment.

The upshot, there is no port for the program. If you want to hack an install under the *nix in MacOSX you could download the QT open source libraries from Trolltech, the necessary Kde libs, and the source code tarball for Tellico. You would probably also have to hack/compile some other prerequisite Linux kernel libraries from tarballs to run on your underlying *nix system. It might work, but I don't think you should try.

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