LibLime Site Launch


Joshua writes: "LibLime is pleased to announce the launch of our website and product demos. LibLime provides full vendor services (migration assistance, staff training, and software maintenance, support and development) to libraries for open-source software like Koha. Our mission is to make open-source software more accessible to libraries. On our website, you can find information about Koha and our other products: Mambo Intranet and DiscrimiNet Filter. Our Koha demos couple version 2.2.2's stable code base with a fresh template re-design. In addition, we've developed several Koha enhancement features: content (item cover images, descriptions, reviews, and ratings), spellchecking on failed search queries, and an auto-completion "Koha Suggest" for the OPAC keyword search, to name a few.

We love feedback, so feel free to visit our site, try out the demos, play around, and let us know what you think. Comments/suggestions/flames are always welcome ;-)."