ASU West Library Linux Conversion Complete

Perry writes: "A year and a half ago the ASU West Library made a strategic decision to move all of our public workstations and support servers from a Microsoft platform and onto a Linux platform. Some of you may remember my initial announcement. This paramount project positions our library as a leader and innovator with the use of Linux in a library setting- specifically with access workstations. This accomplishment was obtained using mainly 2 1/2 FTE over the course of 18 months sustaining the Microsoft environment while also building the new Linux environment for a quick, staged, 2-month Summer 2003 conversion. The Library has realized a 50% reduction in TCO and has an open platform positioned for creative new and customized applications and services. We are now free of Microsoft :) Since the fall 2003 semester started, our new workstations (70 stations) have been used by students and visitors over 35,000 times. We have received no complaints. The lack of complaints came as a surprise to us and breaks some standing assumptions we had about our users expectations of computer platforms and applications. A PR announcement was released at
(PR Release) and the project is viewable at:
E3 Project including the final project documentation (all 180+ pages) in PDF format. I hope you might find our project interesting, informative and useful. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.