Prospero 2.0 builds upon the success of previous version has grown to become a self-contained Internet Document Delivery (IDD) system. As an IDD client, Prospero 2.0 allows libraries to use the Internet to exchange high quality ILL documents. As in all previous versions, Prospero 2.0 still allows direct to patron delivery.

Built on the same protocols and specifications on which Ariel was built, Prospero 2.0 can send and receive documents not only from other Prospero workstations, but also from Ariel. Together, Prospero and Ariel create the foundation of a developing Internet Document Delivery (IDD) network.

Prospero 2.0 also supports: basic firewall support by proxy, SMTP server authentication, and a basic scanned image editor. For a list of features, a FAQ, or to download Prospero 2.0 please visit the Prospero site.