Update from the O'Reilly Open Source Convention


Jeremy writes: "So, there are at least two librarians here at O'Reilly's Open Source Convention - both myself and Eric Lease Morgan. After 1 full day of conferencing, I have to say that this is top-notch - the content is great, and O'Reilly really knows how to put on a convention (3 free drink coupons for the fajita fiesta, as an example ;-)). For those who aren't familiar with the conference, it isn't just about Open Source - there are tracks on XML, PERL, Java, MySQL, Emerging Technologies, and more. This morning's keynote was in 2 parts: First, Fred Baker from CISCO talked about the future of Open Source in the Internet. He was followed by W. Phillip Moore, from Morgan Stanley, who talked about Open Source use on Wall Street. Both talks were interesting - Fred Baker gave the spin that Open Source would only continue to be successful with the help of the corporate world. W. Phillip Moore then went and contradicted much of what Fred spoke about. Very interesting stuff.

I attended a talk on web services and the semantic web - the speaker talked about a concept which to me sounded like a re-invention of the Open URL concept. I will be trying to catch the speaker to follow up on his talk and see how his concept might relate to the OpenURL (I did get to ask him if he was familiar with the OpenURL - he wasn't).

In the afternoon, a attended a few XML-related presentations, including a good presentation on XML-Schema. I also had the chance to chat with Tim O'Reilly for about 10 minutes (he's an extremely nice guy, btw) about OSS plans for ALA annual. I think we'll get some help from Tim and O'Reilly and Associates for the planned OSS Pavilion in Atlanta."