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SimpleServer v1.01 -- now with SRW/SRU support

Index Data has released version 1.01 of their SimpleServer toolkit for implementing information retrieval servers in Perl, now with support for SRW/SRU.

The built-in CQL parser makes it possible to write a single set of 'glue' routines for your backend database, and have instant support for both Z39.50, SRW, and SRU. Existing SimpleServer-based servers can implement SRW/SRU simply by upgrading to the latest version of the software and adding configuration to determine the mapping of the CQL query language.

Documentation and code is available from Index Data or CPAN.



Download it at PhpMyLibrary Official Website

Or at PhpMyLibrary Sourceforge Project Site

Or At Mirror Sites

Sourceforge PhpMyLibrary Download Mirror


1. Advance function, can use AND, OR, NOT, Search Limit, More than 1 keyword search
2. Tags table has been updated. Taken from
3. Good appearance of summary view and detailed view search results.


1. Update Holdings management to facilitate online borrowing
2. Update User Management to comply with Holdings and Cataloging Changes
3. Apply/Use Barcode Id's
4. Update Circulation Management.
5. Update Import/Export Function
6. Modify DB not to store MARC but only tags and values
7. Update tags list.

Thank you.

Polerio T. Babao III
Core Developer - PhpMyLibrary



The PhpMyLibrary version 2.2.1 has been released to the public. It can be downloaded here (PhpMyLibrary-2.2.1)! or here!

Visit Project Site

Initial Release of ver 2.2.1

This is the initial working version of 2.2.1 series. Advance search is under development. Basic search has been done. Cataloging module has been replaced totally by the cataloging source code included in the 2.2.1 release. Base code has been laid out. Improvements and bugs fixing ongoing.

Things to be improved that has been discovered in 2.2.1:

1. Tags listing, should include the whole marc consisting of 180+ tags,
current is 60+ (the basics)

2. Advance search. Will be doing some extra-effort in this function because except, union, and difference database functions are not available yet in mysql 4.x, 5.x . This is why this function is still not finish. But the basic search is already working fine. Advance search function is so easy to be coded in using postgresql as database but default webhosting companies use mysql.

3. Improve and/or create serials features.

4. Improve the patron management features.

5. Adapt/Create the barcoding features.

6. Improve the printing outputs.

7. Improve the configuration management, not-to-use the edit the direct php file online.

8. Improve the Borrowing/Circulation management, wherein book and patron/student use barcode enabled id's.Goal has been done. To create a new cataloging interface more easy than previous versions. I'd wanted to fix everything but this will take probably 6 months, This is why i just decided to release what has been done so that you or others may benefit from this new features right away. And perhaps, you or they can code more fast than i am and better improve the code-base for their use.

Anyways this is it. the 2.2.1 current development snapshot.

Version 2.2.1

Download it at

or at

The infos below are the development stages of this snapshot
This lists can be accessed/found in

1450098 cataloging3 done. integrating to webpac -- 2006-03-15 15:17
1448664 cataloging3 done -- 2006-03-13 18:51
1448047 subfield navigation ongoing -- 2006-03-12 11:00
1447092 cant modify config files -- 2006-03-10 21:53
1446913 take strict action to repea/non-repea -- 2006-03-10 14:09
1446901 adding new fields and saving record-ongoing -- 2006-03-10 13:46
1446217 delimitters functions done -- 2006-03-09 20:27
1445281 coding started 03-08-06 09:30 GMT+8 -- 2006-03-08 13:29
1443899 patTemplate added to API -- 2006-03-06 18:01
1443863 binary encoding of marc dropped -- 2006-03-06 16:05
1443862 cataloging3 dobrica explanation -- 2006-03-06 16:02
1442334 development of 2.2.1 ongoing -- 2006-03-03 21:16
1442330 phpmylibrary shows bug in using ie browser -- 2006-03-03 21:11
1442328 directory restructured and installer modified -- 2006-03-03 21:08

This inital version 2.2.1 has been done in almost two weeks. Bugfixing and improvement ongoing.

If you want to use/evaluate the old stable versions visit the site at

Info on 2.x.x series of PhpMyLibrary

2.2.1-x - the current version. this is good for beginners, and non-librarians as it uses point-and-click adding of tags and dilimmiters.

2.1.1-x - good for former CDS/ISIS users because it uses templates named .wkt located at polerio/module/config/worksheets/.

2.0.3-x - the cataloging system for advance users or library professionals because of strict manual USMARC-based encoding.

Thank you for suggesting improvements to the PhpMyLibrary, the open source library automation system.

Polerio T. Babao III
Polerio Inc. 2003
PhpMyLibrary Org. 2001




Thursday, 23 February 2006

The PhpMyLibrary version 2.1.1 has been released to the public. It can be downloaded here (PhpMyLibrary-2.1.1-1)!

2.1.1-1 Changes ( This is more compatible to web-hosting servers than previous version)

SF Listed Bugs

1435691 - modifiy themes for phpnuke/postnuke - postnuke/phpnuke done
1435690 - session updated in 2.1.1-1 - done
1435689 - adodb updated on version 2.1.1-1 - done
1435038 - register_globals Off display_errors On - done
1431947 - module/conf.php siteurl, emailadd - done
1431385 - remove premarc link - done
1430406 - abstract index added/fixed - done
1428257 - local file inclusion bug my_co - done

SF Listed Feautre Requests

1437365 - phpnuke theme is used instead of postnuke as of 2.1.1-1 - done
1431956 - add phpmailer to submit inquiry - done
1431950 - submit email inquiry - done


Mambo/joomla theme compatibility
Addition of new bibliographic template

New Cataloging Feature. More easy than 2.0.x and 2.1.x

Again, download the file here (PhpMyLibrary-2.1.1-1)!

Visit project site at


Polerio T. Babao III



Version 2.1.1 Released

The PhpMyLibrary version 2.1.1 has been released to the public. It can be downloaded here! or at PhpMyLibrary - Sourceforge Mirrors


1. Minor bugfix

2. Major modification of cataloging which now includes abstract/fulltext encoding. This is good for serial/journal indexing, or thesis/dissertation database.

3. The cataloging module is heavily modified.

Visit the project site at:

Thank you.

Polerio T. Babao III


Index Data has released a new implementation of the ZOOM abstract API for Perl.

ZOOM-Perl makes it easy to write clients for Z39.50, SRU, and SRW. It supports mapping incoming MARC records to MARCXML in UTF-8 to facilitate conversion and display, for example using some of the XSLT stylesheets made available by the LoC. Under the hood, ZOOM-Perl is based on the YAZ toolkit, and shares the reliability and interoperability of that toolkit.

Dowload and documentation available from CPAN.

Net-Z3950-ZOOM-1.01.tar.gz45.95 KB


From freshmeat: "Major bugfixes: A potential data loss bug that occurred when changing the config option for image location and selecting File->Save As was fixed."

Anyone know if this can be built on OSX?



CUFTS is an open source (GPL) OpenURL link resolver designed for use by library consortia. CUFTS services include link resolving, journal lists (including integrated print records) and storage of basic ERM data. Developed at the Simon Fraser University Library for the Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL), the main CUFTS server is currently handling fulltext link resolving for over 30 members and associates.



ruby-marc is a lightweight ruby library for liberating your legacy bibliographic data.