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i am working on enabling project/topic specific discussion threads. click -comments- and add one or two to help test it out.



there's now an easy-to-use news submission form up and ready for you to use at the oss4lib site. feel free to use this to announce new projects, upgrades, interesting articles anywhere on the net, etc. look for the Submit link in the corner...

seen the projects list lately?


folks, we've got a whopping 25 free software projects listed at the oss4lib projects page. rumor has it, too, that Bill Gates' recent decision to refocus on software is a smokescreen sabbatical so he can repartition his house to dual-boot linux, so you know the open source buzz is catching. if you haven't taken a look lately, what are you waiting for?

headlines, come and grab 'em


oss4lib now supports the Rich Site Summary (RSS) format for headline feeds. You can grab our headlines using the url enjoy...

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It's true; click on over and check out Everything should be working ok but let me know if anything seems broken.

Ahhh... :)