Story Submissions


Everybody is allowed to create accounts and post stories at To keep things somewhat consistent, please follow the following guidelines.

  • All posted stories should be about free/open source software/systems or libraries or both. It is definitely okay to post stories that ask for help within these topics. But, we won't do your homework for you.
  • Before you want to post a story, contact me. You won't be able to create a story until I twiddle a bit in your profile. Think of it as an email-based captcha. :)
  • If you post a story about a software release, please:
    1. Make the story title explicit: if you're releasing version 3.14 of FooLibrary, call the story "FooLibrary-3.4".
    2. Include working links to your project page, and a separate download page. Please double check your links, only you know where your stuff is and if links are broken, we can't see it. :)
    3. Attach a copy of your software release if reasonable; compressed tarballs/zipfiles preferred. It is not reasonable to post 100+Mb files. By posting your software to, you increase the likelihood that the rest of us have a reasonable chance of finding it if your own site goes away. This happens all the time, and for several interesting projects, files cached at are the only known copies of released software.
    4. Keyword tags are a very useful way to find your project, and browse everything at oss4lib, so please assign one or more keywords to your project from the provided list. If you're not sure if a keyword fits, browse other stories posted with that tag to be sure. If you think you need a new keyword added, contact the administrators. Fwiw, though, seven years and 450+ posts have fit into the vocabulary we have now, so, there's probably at least one existing tag you can use now, and it's easy for us to add another if your new tag idea makes sense (we can add it even after you post your story, so go ahead and post it).
  • Site editors/administrators reserve the right to edit content for consistency, and the right to remove posted stories or comments for any reason. It's likely we'd only actually remove content if it is considered by the editors to be grossly offensive, discriminatory, lewd, or just out of scope. We don't ever want to remove content, but we will if we have to.
  • Site editors/administrators reserve the right to ban users who repeatedly post content that does not follow these guidelines or who otherwise abuse the system.