About oss4lib


Our mission is to build better and free systems for use in libraries. Toward this end, we maintain a listing of free software and systems designed for libraries (the physical, books-on-shelves kind), and we track news about project updates or related issues of interest.

oss4lib started at the Yale Medical Library in early February 1999 thinking there were probably other folks like us out there who might be working on free library software or looking for same. Our reasons for wanting to see Open Source take off in the library software arena are straightforward, fairly typical, and mostly outlined in the Open Source Systems for Libraries: Getting Started piece. You would think librarians would have figured this shared software thing out years ago. :)

Dan Chudnov (dchud) started oss4lib and maintains it, along with the many readers who often post news. Everyone is welcome to sign up for an account and post news, so long as it's about free software or libraries or the intersection of both.

oss4lib is a volunteer effort. If you like oss4lib, consider buying snazzy oss4lib tshirts and mugs; we'll get $3/shirt or $2/mug, which doesn't sound like much but actually really helps.